What is BPS?

What is Bontrue Protection Service (BPS)?
Conventionally, when you buy any furniture there may be various concerns about the maintenance and the life of the product.
“When do I get a maintenance check done for the furniture?”
“Who can do it?”
“In an attempt to fix the problem, will this person damage the product instead?”
are a few questions that may be on your mind.

With Bontrue Protection Service (BPS), your furniture is our responsibility. We will schedule periodic visits every six months for two years from the date of purchase to ensure that our furniture lives up to your expectations.

How does it work?

1. Reminder & Scheduling
An SMS/Call reminder will be sent to you 7 to 12 days in advance.
Another reminder will be scheduled 2 days in advance to book a time slot for BPS Team to visit your home as per your convenience.

2. Confirmation & BPS Team Visit
On confirmation of the time slot a communication via SMS will be shared as soon as you have booked a slot.
The BPS Team comprising of the fitter, accompanied by a helper will visit your residence to perform the required checks on your furniture.
A second visit can be arranged if the issue needs more attention or fixing.

3. Feedback/Testimonial
After the BPS team have visited your residence, a feedback form will be shared with you to understand and improve our service.

4. Next Visit Communication
A communication via SMS will be sent after the visit has been completed. This SMS will also mention the dates for the next visit by the BPS Team.

Now that's a hassle-free post purchase service. 

Isn't it?