Our Story

Bontrue believes that the best impact lies in simplicity. 

"Bon" – Literally translates to mean "good" in French 

"True" – Has been derived from truth, symbolizing honest furniture

Our logo, inspired by the structure of an anchor, symbolizes strength and durability. The most simplified form also shows a typical Table & Chair setup. The crest includes the brand initials B & T. Here, the letter 'T' is in focus as the brand believes in Truth and Honesty.

The personality of each piece has been fabricated and crafted to produce intimate and timeless elegance. Designed to complement your contemporary space, the hand-crafted workmanship speaks a modern language. 

Over the past decade, our work has grown into our legacy. Our strength lies in our people, ideas, places, projects and products. It is what truly makes us unique. Aimed to innovate and reinvent ourselves constantly, we channel our constant efforts to extend a new age, contemporary and premium range of furniture. 

Design, innovation and creativity are an integral part of each Bontrue product. These uncompromised values empower each piece of furniture with a soul to add more meaning to your spaces. There is a constant strive to deliver new, modern and better. Our state-of-the-art mechanisms, structures, and materials make it possible. 


Bontrue's style goes hand in hand with creativity and innovation. The beliefs are fixated at the core of the organization. Our manufacturing expertise is intertwined with research about materials at every stage. The primary focus remains to obtain the best from leather, fabric, metals and wood, complementing their original and natural properties with contemporary ideas. 

For an Authentic Bontrue Experience, we recommend visiting one of our Stores.