How does Honest Pricing work?

Bontrue aims to improve customer experience by committing to an Honest Pricing strategy. This initiative serves as a platform to create the honest buying experience every customer deserves, allowing us to instil more confidence amongst our customers. 

Paying extra to cover hidden fees has cost consumers billions for far too long, and it’s time for a change! We believe that you shouldn’t have to reopen your wallet to cover surprise expenses.

Our logo includes the brand initials B & T, with the focus being more on T as a brand, we believe in Truth and Honesty above all.

Our mission is to standardise the pricing in this unorganised segment (Furniture Industry) so that every customer knows what they're paying for and are not misled by the exorbitant discounts offered on massively marked up products. 

Bontrue's Honest Price Strategy

We believe Honest Price is the right price a customer should pay as per the quality and finish of the product. Anything below the Honest Price is unfair and anything above it is overpriced.

Our Honest Prices are fixed, and we do not offer any discounts throughout the year. And if you have researched on the products and the prices out there, you know exactly what Bontrue's Honest Price is.