Dos and Don'ts of Hanging Picture Frames.

A picture can paint a thousand words, but the wrong placement can see them lost forever. Whether you’re hanging a piece of art, or you’re sharing precious memories of loved ones, getting the right placement of your picture frames is an important skill to master.

If you’re unsure what the best method is for hanging picture frames, take a look at our do’s and don’ts below!

How much space should you leave between pictures on a wall?

Hanging multiple pictures on a wall can present its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to spacing them with furniture. So how far apart should they be? The amount of space between your picture frames and your sofa should be no higher than 3” above, while they should take up two-thirds of the length.

  • Don’t leave a massive gap between your art and your sofa, or between each piece as there will be too much space and it will look empty.
  • Do cozy up your corresponding art pieces with no more than three inches separating the frames.

How do I choose the right size art?
When shopping for a painting, the size is just as important as the look of the piece. Having an improperly sized painting can either overwhelm the room, or leave the room overwhelming the art – it’s all about balance. You should always measure the length and width of the piece before purchasing.

If you’re hanging it above a couch or another piece of furniture, measure the open wall space from the top of the furniture to the ceiling, rather than from the floor.

  • Don’t pair a small picture with a large piece of furniture – this can make your room feel disproportionate and unbalanced.
  • Do use the rule of thirds. Either 1/3 or 2/3 the size of the matching piece of furniture will give an aesthetically pleasing balance.

Where should I place my picture frames in relation to my furniture?
A common mistake when it comes to art installation is hanging picture frames neck-achingly high. A good rule of thumb is to keep your pieces at eye level, or around 5-6 inches above your sofa – focus on the midpoint of the picture frame and make sure it’s dead centre.

  • Don’t place your picture frames too far above your furniture will feel like they are floating aimlessly – this can leave them feeling disconnected from the rest of your room.
  • Do team up your picture frames with your furniture to create a harmonious pairing. Ideally, aim for around 5-6 inches space from the top of your sofa to your picture.

Dos and don'ts of hanging picture frames