5 Ways to Style a Dinner Table.

As any good host will tell you, a good dinner table can make or break your evening. Whether you’re hosting a get-together between friends, celebrating Christmas with the family, or having a relaxed meal with your loved ones, it’s important to capture the moment with the perfect setting.

Hosting these kinds of events requires you to have a versatile dining table, not to mention a dash of creativity. Fortunately, we’ve put together a helpful guide to ensure you have a perfectly styled dinner table, no matter the occasion!

Add a unique centrepiece

Sitting down for a meal is one of the most basic, natural instincts a person can have, so embrace nature and come full-circle with your dinner table. Use a piece of driftwood with foliage as a vessel for candles, creating a unique centrepiece in the process and a memorable setting.

To mix things up even further, why not opt for rose gold cutlery instead of traditional silver? This small change gives the entire table a luxe and trendy feel – something that guests will love.

Use a patterned table cloth

Don’t be shy when it comes to choosing a table cloth – mix things up a bit and get creative with your choices. A patterned table cloth can introduce some character to proceedings, while a carefully placed mirror underneath candles will make for an inventive centrepiece.

Not only will it help create a relaxed setting, but the mirror will catch any candle wax that drips down and keep it off your pristine table. What’s more, is that the mirror will reflect the light of the candles and provide your guests with a sophisticated setting.

Create space with table runners

If you don’t feel like a table cloth is your kind of thing, why not use table runners instead? Two carefully placed runners at opposing ends of the table can add another level of uniqueness, while the style can create the illusion of space – ideal for smaller tables.

Don’t limit yourself to table runners though, as you could look at different ways to add some creative flair to your setting. Napkins, for instance, can have other purposes than being just a means of cleaning up food. Look at different ways to create pockets out of them to hold cutlery for that added wow-factor.

Make use of colour and texture

Colour is your friend when it comes to dinner tables, so don’t use it sparingly. Add a bit of texture and some bold colouring to jazz things up a bit, whether it’s with a velvet patterned table cloth, or carefully scattered flowers. Add little bouquets from your garden and – for added effect – use name tags for a personal touch.

Be creative and have fun

Meal times should be enjoyable, so get creative and have some fun with your dinner table! Play with different textures and add some neutral or rustic colours for an added layer of sophistication. Assemble olive branches on top of each other and dot candles around for a bright and fresh feel.

5 Ways to Style a Dinner Table